My calling and love for writing has been and will be the main reason why I have become a 21st-century amanuensis. I leave the quill and the ink behind, keeping the origin of this in mind, to sit down in front of the keyboard with the aim of translating, correcting and writing any text that comes to my hands. Do you want to know about my career path?

My name is Marta Pedro Monfort and I am a graduate in Translation and Interlinguistic Mediation from the University of Valencia. Moreover, I have completed my academic training with a specialised course in the translation programme called SDL Trados Studio as well as with a professional correction course thanks to Cálamo y Cran. In addition, one of my other passions is language teaching, so I hold a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education, which is focused on Spanish language, and an official certificate in Methodology and Language Improvement for English Teachers that I carried out in London.

My passion for writing goes beyond the professional field, since I spend most of my spare time expressing in writing any kind of thought which in that moment inspires me, comes from the heart and makes me a little happier.




In Amanuense XXI we are dedicated to the orthographic and typographic correction, that is, to amend spelling and grammatical mistakes, verify the purpose of the elements used in the text and decide which will be the rules to follow when they do not exist. In other words, our function is to clean, normalise and unify everything related to language as well as the distribution of the elements that could accompany the text.



Do you want to have a web page with a clear content that transmits your message with effectivity? Or maybe you are going through an important work and you do not know how to approach the writing? In the work team we have in Amanuense XXI you will find language professionals who will value your goals and who will advise and guide you from a linguistic point in order to achieve them.



Translation is the action of expressing in a language what has been written or expressed in another. With this desire in mind, we translate texts from English or French into Spanish or Catalan. In this manner, we ensure that they do not become obstacles that complicate communication between countries, cultures and people.


Bellow, we offer you a guide about the price of our services. However, if you want to receive a specific estimate adjusted to meet your needs, we recommend you to send us an e-mail with your personal data and the attached text. Request your estimate without engagement!




  • Less than 100.000 characters: 0,95 € / 1.000 ct
  • Between 100.001 and 500.000 characters: 1,00 € / 1.000 ct
  • More than 500.000 characters: 1,05 € / 1.000 ct
  • Per word: 0,03 € / word
  • Minimum rate: 15 €


  • Web text: 30 € / 300 words
  • Blog article: 40 € / 500 words
  • Business letters: 36 € / page
  • Interviews: 50 € / 2 pages
  • General text: 0,06 € / word


  • English-Spanish/Catalan: 0,05 € / word
  • French-Spanish/Catalan: 0,05 € / word
  • Spanish-Catalan: 0,04 € / word

* For non-working days (holidays, weekends) or for urgent orders, a 25% surcharge will be applied.

* The prices indicated in this list do not include VAT.


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